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Offscreen Expeditions


For the past three years Offscreen Expeditions have arranged educational journeys between the Islamic world and the UK, in order to create a legacy of cultural understanding and to create 'global citizens' of the future.

Through a series of interactive educational expeditions and classroom resources, we provide a powerful platform for young people to put together a grassroots portrait of each other’s cultures.

Our expedition team are selected through national competitions to find the brightest creative talents. During the expedition, we help these young film-makers, photographers, artists and writers to develop as community leaders, so that they can return to their communities to be a force for positive change.

At a time when politics and the media narrative show emphasise division and conflict, Offscreen Expeditions act as a necessary alternative, seeking to show how the next generation have the will to forge mutual understanding and respect.

In 2010 we brought a team of 12 young people from four countries - Pakistan, Jordan, Kuwait and Qatar - to the UK in July, and in October took 6 young people from the UK to Pakistan for a two week journey. Looking beyond stereotypes and getting to know what a country is really like, the young team are able to share their knowledge and experiences with their peers and the media on return to their home countries.

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